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    That is all.


  2. brutereason:

    Note that the university’s investigation found the rapist GUILTY. This isn’t even one of those cases where university administrations shrug and go “Well it’s he said/she said.” They agree that he did it and they STILL didn’t bother suspending this fucker long enough for his victim, who had a spinal injury and PTSD as a result, to finish her studies in peace.


  3. enattendantlesoleil:

    saying “that’s how things are” is incredibly useless when talking about social issues because yes, we are aware that that’s how things are, and we don’t like it, that’s the whole point

    congratulations on providing no useful input to the conversation

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  4. elphabaoftheopera:

    "whatcha thinkin?"

    "i dont know. horse stuff i guess."

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  5. oystergirlrhymes:

    This semester I went to the White Privilege Conference in Madison, WI for my honors seminar about examining privilege. I made a poster about the behaviors of particular white female musicians who appropriate other cultures as a means of identity and sexualize/objectify WOC as a means of displaying sexual agency and social power. All under the guise of “empowerment”.

    This is my take on the knowledge I found through seminar and readings, (esp. online articles) so in no way do I claim these ideas or concepts as my own.


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  6. rosewong:

    Cake ’ Rose Wong

    ink and paper collage

    Piece for an upcoming group show at Grumpybert! ;) Will post info as soon as it comes up!


  7. Anonymous asked: who are the most "underground" artists/bands you listen to?


    I saw these teengaers playing in the subway once


  8. Trying to become ruler of Westeros: Game of Thrones

    Trying to pay for college or buy a house: Game of Loans

    Calling your mother: Game of Phones

    Getting some ice cream: Game of Cones

    Starting a band: Game of Tones

    Finding out there’s a pop quiz: Game of Moans

    Getting an X-ray: Game of Bones


  9. flappermermaid:

    "made up pronouns"

    All pronouns are made up

    All words are made up

    That is was language is

    A series of words that humans made up

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  10. Anonymous asked: "I don’t believe that the Holocaust happened the way that we have been indoctrinated to believe" What is the purposes of the indoctrination. What exactly went down, and how do you know?





    The Jews were exiled and were transferred to the camps under Hitler’s orders. During this time, there was a war going on as well as lots of illnesses spreading through out the camps, thus yes - People died from illnesses as well as starvation as it wasn’t exactly easy to get supplies out to them as the camps were secluded. I believe that sure, a hundred thousand Jewish people died in these camps . But there is no way that 6 million people were killed and cremated/ buried into these so-called mass graves, let alone the new 11m figure that they are claiming. I mean… that’s a LOT of bodies.

    Not to mention that there’s no real solid proof of these so called gas chambers actually being used for such. The numbers don’t add up.

    Yeah.. where DID 11 million people literally vanish off the face of the earth to, Nazi sympathizing fuckwit? >.< 

    Where’s the proof that 11 million people went missing to begin with? As there sure as heck isn’t proof that that many died.

    Do you know what happens in a crematorium? Do you see 200 bodies in a crematorium or a pile of dust and some very small bone fragments? Do you know how much matter is left after the cremation? Considering the amount of people cremated in the holocaust, and the fact all they’d leave behind post cremation is either a 1-2 pound bag of dust (for children.) or a 4-5 lb bag of dust (for adults)… it’s pretty easy to logic into “Oh, they were cremated. THAT’S where the bodies went and that’s why those bodies don’t exist. Teehee.” 

    "unapologetically-indie”? More like unapologetic racist.


  11. There’s the feeling you get when you get notes on a post you reblogged, and then there’s the feeling you get when you get notes on an original post.


  12. joshpeckofficial:


    someone studying atoms is really just a bunch of atoms trying to understand themselves

    what have you done

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  13. deanandsamarebrothers:



    when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

    When it occured to us that “said” implies a direct quote, while “was like” clarifies that you mean to communicate the person’s tone and general point without quoting them word for word.

    thank you. thank you so much. so very very much. thank you.

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  14. meladoodle:


    boys hands are VERY important to me

    i imagine theyre pretty important to them too

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  15. Why are there so many Tuesdays?