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    A warning to anybody thinking about getting a husky

    You can build yourself a third husky

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  2. Heda Margolius Kovály


    Heda Margolius Kovály was born on September 15, 1919 in Prague. In 1941, Margolius and her family were deported to the Lodz ghetto. Three years later, they were sent to Auschwitz, where Kovály’s parents were murdered. Kovály was later moved to Christianstadt, and on a march from that forced labor camp to Bergen-Belsen, she escaped back to her hometown of Prague. Though Kovály and her husband were reunited, he was convicted of conspiracy and executed in 1952. In 1968, Kovály left Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the United States. Kovály first published her memoir, now titled Under A Cruel Star, in 1973. Her novel, Innocence, published in 1985, will be released in the United States in 2015.

    Heda Margolius Kovály passed away in 2010 at the age of 91.


  3. Why is anyone asking for Phil Robertson’s opinion on ISIS? Why is anyone asking for Phil Robertson’s opinion on anything? Why is that man still talking?


  4. Phyllis Frost


    Phyllis Frost was born in Brighton, Australia on September 14, 1917. For several years, Frost chaired the Victorian Women’s Prisons Council, and in the 1960s, she founded the Keep Australia Beautiful campaign. She raised millions of dollars for charitable causes throughout her life, and won the Centenary Medal from the Australian government in 2001.

    Phyllis Frost died in 2004 at the age of 87.

  5. theonion:

    TIP: Discourage teacher turnover by downplaying the importance of having money and respect


  6. sylvestrium said: if you think jewish privilege doesn't exist then you are necessarily a jewish supremacist.


    jewish privilege doesn’t exist in america. cry about it.

    if you think being the largest target for religiously-motivated hate crimes is a privilege, you’re delusional. Being forced to forfeit your identity to avoid persecution (I can’t link to the book referenced directly) is not a privilege.

    the entire concept of Jewish privilege (controlling the media, being wealthy, etc) is based on offensive cultural stereotypes. if you think ~*jewish privilege*~ is being given an ~unfair advantage~ then you are actually whining about affirmative action and have the same “i would have an easier time in life if I were a minority!!!11” attitude that many non minority whites have.

    Jews have been the scapegoat for practically everything in Europe throughout history, most notably including the Black Death and World War 1.

    Only on tumblr will an SJW think that being a part of a persecuted minority group is a privilege.

    Jews are not the majority and are not the group in power. Therefore Jewish privilege does not exist.


  7. Sometimes I like to believe that “Jewish privilege” is just a meme instead of something that people actually believe exists.


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    "it’s 2014 wth is wrong with people"

    i’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the gregorian calendar and moral development do not have a positive relationship. actually they have little to no correlation at all.


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    The mentally ill are made to feel like burdens on the people around them. They are made to feel hated. They are made to feel less worthy than their neurotypical friends and family. Then people have the nerve to ask why they want to kill themselves, or why they feel so distraught and helpless?

    But of course, whether they attempt, or succeed, everything is made about how much the family and friends cared about the victim, instead of their willful contribution to the abuse of the mentally ill.

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    do you ever look at your eyes in the mirror and be like “im looking at my eyes with my eyes”


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  11. Anonymous said: the term "anti-semitism" was specifically created by nazi germany to refer to their hatred of jews tho... while it's a misnomer, i think it's also pretty shitty to tell jews not to use a word that was created to justify the systematic oppression and extermination of their people.




    This is the third time we’ve gotten this ask. You act as if I walk up to people right after the burning of a synagogue and say “Hey, that’s not anti-Semitic, don’t use that!” when that’s clearly not the case. I don’t feel comfortable with Zionists using that term to erase my own ethnic origins. Nothing you can tell me can make me feel okay with someone using “anti-Semitic” against me, a Semite. I’ve given a reasonable alternative. If you’re still unhappy, find somewhere else to complain because I’ve stated my point of view on this and I’ve repeatedly asked people to give me a reasonable explanation for why I can’t just replace it with “Anti-Jewish” and no one has.

    If you wanna talk about how shitty it is to tell Jews not to use that word against other Semites, let’s talk about how shitty it is when Zionists tell Palestinians that they’re being “anti-Semitic,” let’s talk about how shitty it is when they try to erase any connection the Palestinians have to their own lands. Let’s talk about how the world’s collective ignorance of Arabs being Semites has actually led to people arguing that since Jews are Semites, they have a better claim to that land. Yes. That’s literally happened to me before.

    No one is going to tell me I should be okay with the collective erasure of my ethnic origin. Because it isn’t okay. This is the last ask I’m answering about this.

    - Fatimah

    …”how shitty it is to tell Jews not to use that word against other Semites, let’s talk about how shitty it is when Zionists"…

    Bolding mine. Because you know what’s antisemitic? Acting like all Jews are Zionists. Like all Zionists are Jews. It’s antisemitic to assume those words are interchangeable, and it’s antisemitic to blame Jews for the actions of Zionists. 

    Another example of antisemitism: acting on some fucked up anti-fucking-semitic idea that that Zionists being shitty gives you the right to tell Jews what we can or can not call our own oppression, or the people who hurt us.

    Antisemitism is not about Zionists. Zionists have fuck all to do with this conversation. "But Palestine!" is not a response to accusations of antisemtism unless you’re an antisemite.

    You want the other side of your argument? Try asking how many Jews have been told that something isn’t antisemitic because ‘Other people are Semites too!’, as if we didn’t know that. And not told that we’re using the wrong word, but told that our oppression isn’t real until we use the word our oppressors want us to. I know that’s not what you’re saying, but it’s what I hear, because it’s what I’ve been told time and time again. So be mindful, and maybe don’t declare that this is your last word on the subject unless you want your last words to be antisemitic.

    but ur basicaly saying u dont care about being antisemitic u just care if people call u that

    Are goyim even real.

    (Also, the anon is incorrect. The term antisemitism was coined in the 19th C to give a more scientific sheen to the older term “Jew-hatred.” Because racism was seen as a scientific, acceptable way to promote hatred of a group!)

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    Lola, still figuring out how  her bed works.


  13. This is very important. Hope I didn’t leave out any trigger warnings.

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    The perfect place for me to have a drink. #TheHonorBar… (at The Honor Bar)

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    good idea for a film

    it’s about a cop who - get this - doesn’t play by the rules. this guy… he’s something of a loose cannon. but here’s the twist: he doesn’t play by the rules. he’s a lone wolf. you could even say he doesn’t play by the rules. sometimes he actually breaks the rules. that is to say, instead of playing by them. them being the rules. of which he does not play by.

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